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2011.11.24 at 03:33 AM

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Imagine Cup 2007

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Soon after Imagine Cup 2006, India concluded, with Italy taking home the cup for the Software Design invitational (Photographs), Microsoft announced the theme and the venue for Imagine Cup 2007. Korea would be hosting this mega-event in 2007. The theme being:

“Imagine a world where technology enables better education for all”

Frankly, the theme of IC ’06 (Imagine a world where technology enables people to live healthier lives) didn’t appeal to me, but, this one is really good and equally interesting. In addition to the invitationals present in IC ’06, Imagine Cup 2007 will have 3 (not completely ‘brand’) new invitationals- Web development (was there in 2005), Embedded development (probably Windows Embedded Challenge merged into IC) and Photography (wow! If time permits, I’d love to get clicking with my Canon S2 IS).

Good luck to all those of you getting ready to rock!

Note: My first blog post from Windows Live Writer. It rocks! Yes, it does.

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2006.08.27 at 01:30 PM

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Hello, World!

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If you have been following my earlier blog and this you know that I am Sunil Jagadish, a Microsoft Student Ambassador, pursuing Master of Computer Applications in RV College of Engineering (RVCE), Bangalore.. As I mentioned in the last post on, comment spam succeded in forcing me to say “Good Bye!” to Dotnetjunkies. Thanks to the really huge and irritating banner ads on, I moved on from there. WordPress is decent and a calm place to blog.

If you search through the archives of most of the technical blogs and look for the first post, you will find a “Hello World” post. I was wondering why I should be calling this post “Hello World” and looked into Wikipedia and this is what I found –

A "hello world" program is a computer program that prints out "Hello, world!" on a display device. It is used in many introductory tutorials for teaching a programming language and many students use it as their first programming experience in a language.

A "hello world" program can be a useful sanity test to make sure that a language's compiler, development environment, and run-time environment are correctly installed.

However, the first known instance of the usage of the words "hello" and "world" together in computer literature is in A Tutorial Introduction to the Language B, by Brian Kernighan, 1973. [1] (

Gramatically – “Hello, world!“ is the right way to say it, but some programming language syntax places constraints on the usage of strings.

All this is history. Something that is really cool and something that I had once planned to do is already there. A comprehensive collection of “Hello, world!” programs written in various programming languages. Its just awesome! A nice way to get an idea of what a programming language tastes like. The list if growing. Check it out.

PS: I have posted the old posts from my earlier blog below, under the category "Old posts"

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2006.06.04 at 05:11 AM

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