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I’ve been downloading software from my MSDN Subscription account. MSDN provides a custom download application which (un)fortunately does not have the feature to schedule downloads to begin at a particular time. Also, I’m not allowed to use DAP or any other download accelrator to download from MSDN. Sharath had pointed me to this sometime back. PTFB is a trial version software, so, here is a free version of a similar (but much more simpler, lesser features & less jing-bang) application which does the same job. I’ve called it Click-O-Matic (for the lack of a better name :-))

A “just-works” version is ready. In case you are intrested to use this, leave a comment here with your e-mail ID and I can mail the setup file to you.

For the geekier ones here, I wrote this in C# using simple PInvoke to simulate the mouse clicks.


Written by Sunil

2007.07.18 at 11:54 AM

Posted in .NET

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