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Windows Mobile 5.0 Message Interception

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I delivered a session on Windows Mobile programming with a focus on WM 5.0 in Coimbatore during the MSDN @ Campus event. I demonstrated a Bluetooth application using the 32feet API and Message Interception API in WM 5.0. I am reminded to point out that Peter Foot of the OpenNETCF fame, has separated a few APIs including the Bluetooth library into 32feet, which is worth noting for Bluetooth enthusiasts.

I have uploaded my demos here-

Bluetooth demo (scenario was communication between a PPC and a Desktop machine at a Pizza Company)
[Demo will be upload the shortly]

Download the SMS interception demo

The SMS Interception demo has inline documentation to help you understand its working.

* ———————————
* Running the application
* ———————————
* 1. Make sure you have VS 2005 and Windows Mobile 5.0 PocketPC SDK installed
* 2. Run the application and use the Windows Mobile 5.0 PocketPC Phone Emulator
* 3. Click on the “Start” button to start the SMS Interceptor
* 4. This application will peek at all SMS’s received henceforth and process them
* if the SMS body is prefixed with the word “ASTRO”
* 5. Valid format for getting prediction: ASTRO dd-mm
* 6. Open the “Messages” in the PocketPC and create a new SMS, say, ASTRO 20-8
* (for 20th Aug) and send it to +14250010001, which is a fake number.
* Any Phone calls or SMS’s to this number is a reference to the emulator itself.
* 7. Once the SMS is sent, it appears in the list box. If it were to be an SMS
* without prefix “ASTRO”, the application will leave it to be read by the user.
* 8. This can be observed when the prediction is sent. This SMS lands in the Inbox.
* 9. To stop the Message Interception, click the Stop button
* More reading info on SMS interception API in WM 5.0:
* Windows Mobile 5.0 PPT – TechEd

I got mails from many people reporting a problem in downloading the code. So, I’ve uploaded it here –


Written by Sunil

2006.01.30 at 05:53 AM

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  1. hi, i just saw ur post but the download link is not working, can you reupload that? Thanks a lot.


    2007.10.18 at 07:42 PM

  2. Give me your email ID, I can mail it across.

    Sunil Jagadish

    2007.12.15 at 12:52 AM

  3. Hi
    Is it possible to intercept outgoing SMS on Windows Mobile , if yes please let me know how to intercept it



    2009.05.17 at 12:07 AM

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